Kellogg’s Goes Crunchy Nuts for TB Davies’ Sherpascopic Ladders

Kellogs Crunchy Nuts CerealTB Davies was commissioned by a leading industrial repair & maintenance specialists to advise on a work at height problem at their clients site, Kellogg’s in Manchester. The Kellogg’s site in Manchester dates back to the 1940s. As such there can be significant physical restrictions in accessing parts of the building for cleaning, maintenance and repairs. In particular the production line posed problems that Kellogg’s health and safety were not happy with.

The cereal runs along a series of conveyor belts, suspended from the ceiling, 3m above floor level and less than half a meter from the ceiling itself. With production run changes in the factory the conveyor belts need to be thoroughly cleaned, to avoid cross contamination with those products containing nuts.

The previous method of work involved cleaning staff climbing onto the belt with a vacuum cleaner, brushes and dry mops – crawling the length of the belt on hands and knees, cleaning as they go. This practice was condemned by Kellogg’s health & safety as unsafe, primarily due to a lack of guardrailing.

As Eriks are the on-site supplier for Kellogg’s, they contacted TB Davies for a swift, safe & practical solution. Initial discussions allowed us to select a number of appropriate pieces of equipment for demonstration. Some form of work platform, podium or small scaffold tower was obviously required.

The site visit revealed the limitations of the area. The most suitable product was the Sherpascopic Work Platforms. This products provides a safe enclosed work zone with full guardrail and toe-boards. It is also adjustable to variable heights, with outriggers for additional stability and folds away for straightforward storage and transport.

The cleaning staff tried the Sherpascopic and found they could safely and easily reach 95% of the conveyor belt. A longer hose was purchased for the vacuum cleaner to reach the last 5%.

Kellogg’s health & safety were very pleased with the selection of Sherpascopic – it allows staff to work safely face-on or side-on, in an enclosed area, alleviating over reaching and helping compliance with the Working at Height Regulations.

Updated: October 1st, 2014
Please note that the Pinnacle™ Midi Work Platform has replaced the Sherpascopic. Improved and easier to use, it is also part of our Pinnacle™ range of industrial ladders. For more information please contact Sales at TB Davies on 029 2071 3000 or

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