Trade Extension Ladders

Commercial duty double and triple extension ladders that can be split for use as single sections. The comfortable ‘D’ shaped twist-proof rungs are secured into rigid box section stiles for comfortable safe use.
Professional Extension Ladder

Product Features

  • Commercial strength box-section construction
  • Twist proof rung joint
  • Reduce fatigue with deep, comfortable ‘D’ rungs
  • Slip resistant high traction rungs
  • Sections separate for use as single ladders
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • 3-year warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • BSEN131

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Summit™ Ladders

Summit™ Ladders

Part of the new Summit™ Ladders collection of ladders, step ladders, work platforms & towers for serious Trade professionals.

Ladder Specifications

Product Code Max. Ext. Length Sections Closed Height Width Rung Count Weight
1102-000 4.0m 2 2.5m 0.42m 9 9kg
1102-001 5.0m 2 3.0m 0.42m 11 11kg
1102-002 6.0m 2 3.5m 0.42m 13 13kg
1102-003 7.0m 2 4.0m 0.42m 15 17kg
1102-004 8.0m 2 4.5m 0.42m 17 22kg
1102-005 9.0m 2 5.0m 0.42m 19 24kg
1102-006 10.0m 2 5.5m 0.42m 21 29kg
1102-007 5.5m 3 2.5m 0.49m 9 17kg
1102-008 7.0m 3 3.0m 0.49m 11 20kg
1102-009 8.5m 3 3.5m 0.49m 13 26kg
1102-010 10.0m 3 4.0m 0.49m 15 33kg

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