Maximising safety and minimising weight are two of the most crucial features of the aerospace industry, making the new TB Davies range of fibreglass products a practical option. Working alongside several of the world’s most innovative manufacturers TB Davies is able to bring generations of expertise in customised access solutions for the aerospace, rail and road sectors..

Access Equipment for Transport

An image Aircraft Refuelling Rig attached to an Airbus transport airplane

Aircraft Maintenance Platform

Our standard access platforms can be used in commercial, offshore and military applications and are built to take the strains of working in demanding of environments.

Specialist Access in-Situ

Bus/Coach Access Platform

A secure mobile platform fabricated in aluminium with rails, intermediate rails, wide slip-resistant steps and retractable stabilisers to create a large, safe and secure area to work on road vehicles including buses and coaches.

Image showing a railway carriage maintenance platform

Railway Carriage Maintenance Rig

A unique, 3 part work platform, designed to go around a tram or train. Each platform can be constructed to satisfy the shape and design of the vehicle and enables easy deployment and global maintenance of the vehicle in complete safety.

Minimising Maintenance Team Downtime

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